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Employers and Users

Frisco e-bikes at Kings Cross Station

The Frisco e-BikesTM and the Frisco Solar DocksTM are perfect for leasing by employers including universities and health services.  With a Circular Economy solution and several other benefits, including:

  • Reduces employers’ and staffs’ expenditure for parking.
  • Promotes “Active Travel” and “Wellbeing” of staff.
  • Enhances employers’ ‘Green’ credentials and reduces their Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Promotes employers’ Branding and Marketing of their Products and Services.
  • Supporting employers’ Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

The Frisco e-BikesTM are ideal for their staff to use and for other users to hire.  Such as students, commuters, tourists, and shoppers, with easy 24/7 secure access, including helmets and 3600 lighting to boost their safety.

Also enhances staff and other users experience with an Info Panel with real-time Data and Metrics, including local tourist information and destinations, cycle routes, restaurants etc.

Using the Frisco e-BikesTM and the Frisco Solar DocksTM also helps decarbonise the economy, reduces travel congestion and noise.

Additionally, our solution removes the problem of street clutter caused by “Dockless” bike hire schemes.

Frisco e-Bikes and Solar Docks is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd.    Registered in Scotland No: SC572073

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