Frisco Projects is a Project Management Consultancy Services Business for companies across all Business Sectors, including Charity and Community organisations, plus developing Innovation ideas, and pursuing Creative Arts Projects.  The Innovation Project for the Frisco e-BikesTM (FEBsTM) and the Frisco Solar DocksTM (FSDsTM) is an internal Project covering all aspects from Design, Manufacturing through to Operation and Maintenance.  To launch the service in 2022.


We have a great business offering of “e-Bikes powered by the SunTM!  The FEBsTM and the FSDsTM combine the use of Solar Power, to wirelessly recharge an e-Bike, at a Docking Station with Solar Panels.

Importantly, Solar Panel Output in Winter from our Docks would exceed Demand, even in Aberdeen!  So, no need to connect to the Grid with its ‘Standalone’ design, saving time and money installing.

The FEBsTM and the FSDsTM are perfect for Leasing by Employers such as Businesses, Councils, Universities, and the NHS.  With an off-the-shelf ecosystem solution with minimum infrastructure and management required.

The FEBsTM are ideal for Students, Commuters, Tourists and Shoppers to Hire.


Part of our vision is to help address several challenges, with a great innovative solution and a social and environmental conscience.  That also supports the UK Government’s ‘once in a generation’ “Active Travel” initiatives that have been prioritised with the “COVID-19 Pandemic”.  Especially with the need for public distancing that is a challenge for the existing public transport systems.

Clearly the time is now for the FEBsTM and the FSDsTM. The “Perfect Storm” with the “Climate Emergency” and the impact of the “COVID-19 Pandemic” driving changes in behaviours, whether we like it or not.

We are seeking to provide an Iconic design generating 100% Carbon Free Energy that is attractive, easy to use, highly visible, with flexible storage and accessible to a whole range of Users and Employers to adopt.

With challenges of travel congestion, transport connectivity, emissions, street clutter impacting our lives.  Plus, parking costs increasing, including the introduction of the Workplace Parking Levy.  Users and other Stakeholders are keen to make a difference, driving the global trend for the adoption of ‘Green’ transport solutions provided by the FEBsTM and FSDsTM.

As a Micro Business with expertise and experience we have worked with Students at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Strathclyde on this Innovation Project.  We continue to build our Team with Specialists to deliver, supported by Advisors and various Organisations.

Frisco Projects is the only known UK Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with these innovative products and service offering.  Recognised with the OEM status for the FEBsTM by Shimano’s UK Distributer Madison.



We are seeking further funding to launch the FEBsTM and the FSDsTM, providing an equitable return for Investors with a social and environmental conscience.  We recognise the importance of the 3Ps, “Profit, People and the Planet”.

Contact Information

Ken Hoskins – Projects Director

Phone: +44 (0) 1224 061572


Email: [email protected]

Address: Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. AB11 5BS

Frisco Projects is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd.    Registered in Scotland No: 572073

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