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North East Company Heralds New Dawn in Sustainable Transport Solutions

A North East company has announced plans to deploy potentially over 15,000 e-bikes “powered by the sun™” around the world by 2026.

Aberdeen-based Frisco e-Bikes™ are the brainchild of Ken and Janet Hoskins and work in tandem with the innovative Frisco Solar Docks™ which are believed to be unique to the sector thanks to their green power source.  By harnessing sustainable solar power, the flexible systems do not need to be connected to the electricity grid and can, therefore, be set up in any location with minimal infrastructure and management.

Target markets include city centre contactless public hire opportunities, and green commuting or transfer options for employers or educational settings. 

Ken & Janet Hoskins

With the development of the prototypes already well underway, the search is now on to secure additional pre-launch investment that will enable the company to launch in the UK in 2022 and overseas the following year.  Kit assembly and maintenance of the “click and connect™” system will take place as close to the end location as possible, creating social enterprise employment opportunities with a particular focus on work for ex-offenders and adaptive tooling to maximise inclusive employment opportunities.

A portion of hire revenue will be donated to charities, including those which support people affected by issues of homelessness and transport poverty.

Progress to date has been bolstered thanks to work with a range of institutions such as The University of Aberdeen and The University of Strathclyde, plus participation in Dundee’s Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) Accelerator.  The 16-week support programme targets ambitious, early-stage companies using an incubator environment to: “underpin Scotland’s response to the global climate emergency.”

Ken Hoskins explained: “Operating the business in a holistic, inclusive way is our primary founding principal and sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do, from using green energy sources to power the bikes and empowering people through employment to creating an opportunity to give back to those facing times of hardship.”

Janet Hoskins added: “It is our intention that our key drivers – profit, people, planet – should feed into and from each other in a cyclical way which benefits as many people as possible and has a lasting, positive impact on our planet.”

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc said: “It was great to welcome Frisco e-Bikes™ to the first cohort of the MSIP Accelerator programme. We’re excited to see Frisco e-Bikes™ continue to progress its plans for a new e-bike and solar charging station. We will continue to support the company on its business development journey and look forward to hearing more about its future success.”

Issued by Granite PR on behalf of Frisco e-Bikes™ and Frisco Solar Docks™. 

Frisco e-Bikes™ and Frisco Solar Docks™ are the retained intellectual property of Frisco Projects which is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd (Frisco PMCSL).  To find out more, visit www.frisco-e-bikes-frisco-solar-docks.com

Frisco e-Bikes and Solar Docks is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd.    Registered in Scotland No: SC572073

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