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Transport Innovator Names Early Adopter in Aberdeen

A sustainable transport innovator has unveiled a proposal which could see its ground-breaking ebike technology appear at a well-known Aberdeen city centre location.

Aberdeen’s Waterloo Quay has been named as an early adopter of Frisco “e-Bikes powered by the Sun™” which are set to be deployed globally by 2027.  They will provide sustainable transport solutions in a range of locations, including contactless public hire opportunities in city centres and green commuting or transfer options for employers or educational settings.

The news was welcomed by Aberdeen Lord Provost, Dr David Cameron who recently visited Waterloo Quay to find out more about Frisco e-Bikes and Solar Docks.

Frisco e-Bikes
From left: Janet Hoskins, Aberdeen Lord Provost Dr David Cameron, Ken Hoskins and Shaun Eardley

Frisco e-Bikes™ have been created by cycling enthusiast and businessman Ken Hoskins and his wife Janet.  The unique design of their e-Bikes harnesses the solar power from the Frisco Solar DocksTM that operate off-grid, allowing them to be positioned in any location with minimal infrastructure and management.

Charities, including those which support people affected by issues of homelessness and transport poverty will benefit from the system due to donations forthcoming from hire revenue.

In early 2022 Frisco e-Bikes and Docks submitted a UK Patent Application for their designs and are currently seeking to secure funding from grants, investors and sponsors who recognise the importance of the 3Ps, “Profit, People and the Planet.”

The Lord Provost, Dr David Cameron said: “I was delighted to visit Waterloo Quay today to hear about the operation of Frisco e-Bike and Solar Docks. I wish them every success with this initiative.”

Ken Hoskins said: “This is an important step forward on the journey towards making Frisco e-Bikes and Solar Docks widely available and we are grateful to Waterloo Quay for coming on board with our project.”

Shaun Eardley of Waterloo Quay added: “Waterloo Quay is excited at the prospect of becoming both an early adopter and possible future base location for Frisco Solar DockTM which will enable ease of access to Frisco e-BikesTM for our tenants and other users of our extensive campus facilities.”

Issued by Granite PR on behalf of Frisco e-Bikes™ and Frisco Solar Docks™. 

Frisco e-Bikes™ and Frisco Solar Docks™ are the retained intellectual property of Frisco Projects which is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd (Frisco PMCSL). 

Frisco e-Bikes and Solar Docks is a trading name of Frisco Project Management Consultancy Services Ltd.    Registered in Scotland No: SC572073

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